Additional Valentines Day Cheesecakes

As promised we would post our additional Cheesecakes that we made on Valentines day, so here they are:


Camera 360

Camera 360


Camera 360

Camera 360

Valentines Day was inded a Day full of love. It’s overwhelming to see someone lit up because they received something special from someone they treasure. I loved how their eyes glow as I gave them the cakes. Oh id I forget to mention that we delivered the cakes and we also gave them flowers? I apologize. We delivered cakes and flowers to our clients and it was an honorable experience and one of a kind. We had problems though, like my car was broken and didnt work for the entire day so we had to hire someone else for the delivery but of course we had to be with them as well to make sure that all has been taken cared of. The traffic was also unbearable but it was unquestionable, after all it was a special day so everyone would love to take or date their loved ones. I have learned on that day that love would really find it’s way to get to you and touch your life. I’d be loving what I have everyday and it reminded me that we should not only be a little extra sweet on Valentines Day but also on everyday of our lives as well.


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