Prepping for the Valentines

We are excited this month, we have been preparing for this love month since the start of January. We wanna share our preparation and cakes to you guys for this month. I can actually feel the excitement while i write you this blog. And ohh I’m sorry I havent given any free recipe’s yet. we were so busy with the plans and I missed to plan how i would share the recipes and ingredients to you guys.. Anyways let me share to you guys how we came up with our

 Valentines Day Gift Cheesecakes.

The very first thing we did was we searched for cakes that were beautifully made with the following chocolates; kitkat, m&ms and herseys chocolates. we found very interesting pictures on google (the totaly helpfu site! HAHAH)

Here are the pictures we found that’s suited to our cheesecake:

strawberry kitkat  

After researching for possible cakes that we can make for Velentine’s day we decided to make our our version then:

   We bought all the ingredients needed and we  made our very own kitkat and m&ms Cheesecake. Were selling the cheesecake by the way and I’ll be posting the other pictures of the cheesecake that we’ve made soon. Within the month, I promise and after this Valentines day, We’ll be posting the ingredients for the kitkat and m&ms Cheesecake. So just keep posted guys.. There’ll be more Cheesecake. We’d Overdose you!


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