Cheesecake Overdose

“Food Blogging” as they say, that’s the totality of Cheesecake Overdose. In this blog anyone can copy/make our very own Cheesecakes. We will be giving out free recipes on how to make your very own cheesecake with the comfort of your kitchen stove without using your oven! It’s easy and it doesnt take much of your time. But before we get to the yummy part it would be totally rude if we wouldnt introduce ourselves to you guys..

I’m Lourdel Ludovica, I’m 23 years old and I love eating deserts, I so love cheesecakes and I had the opportunity to be guided on how to make one, and from there I kinda started adding some ingredients and begin making and selling my very own cheesecake. Innovating and upgrading to serve my customers well. My partner and I, were home based and were selling our love cheesecakes every other week or if we’d have time to make some.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         PhotoGrid_1384919817173

Anyways less talk more action right? or more typing? or blogging? how should I address that? heheh anyways enjoy reading guys.. have a yummy treat!


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